Mesotherapy – Anti Aging and Cellulite Reduction Therapy

Mesotherapy – Anti Aging and Cellulite Reduction Therapy

Mesotherapy can address various conditions. These conditions can be cellulite, focalized fat depositions, face and forehead wrinkles, pimples, hair fall, and anti aging. With the help of injections, certain artificial or natural mixtures are injected into the mesoblast. It can also be injected in the layer of cellulite and linking cells existing under the skin. Usually those who undergo the treatment bear the pain of injection during insertion. For those who are not able to bear the pain, they are given anesthesia before the treatment starts.


Cellulite Reduction with Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is believed to amend the visual aspect of cellulite, or excess toxins and fat deposits. This is with the help of certain complex procedures. In this treatment, basically it’s breaking down tissues having extra fat and not allowing new layer of fat to form.  The uneven layer of fat cells on the skin is broken down which then the blood also starts circulating and drains out the toxins in the skin. The result will be an even and radiating skin.

To deal with certain fat deposits like love handles, a mixture known as Phosphatidlycholine is inserted in to the skin with the help of injection. It is a fat that qualifies into the category of good fats and is produced by the body. When this fat is inserted into the area of body having love handles, it stimulates to remove the stocked fat and prevents the deposition of new fat that forms at the place of older one.
Cellulite Factor Free eBookMesotherapy Injections

Mesotherapy is used in anti-aging and face lifting.  It also includes injecting of vitamins under face tissues and below the skin of the neck. These are the vitamins, which accelerate the production of Collagen as well as Elastin.  These two are the best kinds of protein that increase the elasticity of skin which makes it smooth. It increases the flow of blood and blood circulation in the facial tissues. This kind of treatment can also be used for any body part where the skin is damaged and has developed wrinkles.

The merits of mesotherapy are least puncturing into the treatment area and less or zero time for healing. Because the quantity of chemical compound or other medicine that is injected is very minimal, there is no reason for side effects to occur. Nevertheless, this treatment like various other mesotherapy treatments can have side effects.  Skin blemishes and allergic reaction are some side effects that may happen after the treatment is over.

Some serious side effects of mesotherapy can be red marks or scars. Pigments like acne and ulceration with puss can take place due to the injection. In some cases, the affected person may feel a small glob under the place where injection is given. It takes a few weeks to vanish. When injections are not sterilized properly, it may lead to serious infections, which can be very dangerous. It is necessary to undergo a mesotherapy treatment from a physician certified by respective board, and practices safe infection free treatments. Sometimes the allergic reactions of mesotherapy can be life threatening.

Although it is not clear what is done with the fat that is broken during mesotherapy for cellulite. But, the clinics offering treatments claim that fat is drained out with fluids but there is no scientific evidence for the same.


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