Body Wraps – How do they work to reduce cellulitis?

body wraps to reduce cellulitis
Body wraps are the most preferred tools to get rid of cellulitis. Majority of the beauty salons use body wraps as the solution to aid in constraining and tautening the skin, and in detoxification of skin. With the present generation, body wraps are gaining popularity as the whole body skin treatment. Body Wraps is among the major treatments offered by the spas for dealing with cellulitis.

Body Wraps, what is it really?

So, what actually is body wrapping? It is in reality an alternative for the artificial procedures like liposuction, laser treatment and mesotherapy. Covering your body in wraps will absorb the excess fat in your body. It will also make you look slimmer for at least an hour. Body wraps help in diluting the toxins and draining them out with fluid wastes of the body. Generally, this type of procedure is performed by wrapping up the body in a flexible cloth or algae that is left to dry. The cloth consists of various minerals along with the procedure that is done to soak it into the chemical preparation before wrapping up the body in it.

The body wraps will be wrapped tightly around the skin and heated up to give it the feel of a Thermal Blanket.  Thermal Blankets are used in eliminating the extra fluids by perspiration. As soon as the wrap is removed, you will feel your body inches slimmer.  Your skin will become tighter and the visual appearances of the cellulitis decreased.  Also as soon as the wrap is removed there will be other blurs in your skin getting visibly lighter. Yet other treatments which are included in the body wrap packages are massaging and polishing of your skin. It can be extended to exfoliating with the help of scrubs of various types like clay, scrubs and variety of skin treatments. There are ample of oils in which your body will be massaged so it can reduce the stress and give it a firm shape. There are also other anti cellulitis gels that can be added in your package of the body wraps sessions.

Yet another treatment to undergo cellulitis within your very home is a very comfortable option.

Body Wraps at Home

Follow these steps to know how you can wrap up yourself in a body wrap at home:

  • Exfoliate the skin with a scrubber.
  • Paste the pack of mud or other creams in all the cellulitis affected areas of your skin like thighs, arms, hips and stomach.
  • Wrap the warm cloth around your skin.
  • Leave it to dry depending upon the thickness of your application for half an hour or more as required.
  • After the application dries and your skin starts feeling tight, remove the bandages and take bath in lukewarm water.
  • At the end, apply the conditioning cream to moisturize your skin’s pore.

The most important thing you need to know about body wraps is its ingredients. The most common ingredient used is Bladderwack. This element actually helps in improving the blood circulation around the cellulitis areas. You don’t need to go much ahead in search of body wraps and pay for such costly treatments, as these wraps can be prepared at home give your body a slimmer and sexier appeal.

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