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VelaShape / Velasmooth – A way to beautify and shape your body …..

Cellulites have always been a common cause for having an oversized or disfigured shape. Today more than 80% of women are affected by cellulites.  Scientists are searching for an easy way out to this problem. We find that VelaShape can help them with a solution that does not involve any surgical operations or harmful drugs.  It is a cellulite treatment that does not interfere with your health and is approved by the FDA.

What do Cellulites Do?

Cellulites affect women regardless of their age or size. Cellulites affect different areas of the body like thigh, buttocks, arms, calves or abdomen.

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How Does Velashape or Velasmooth Help?

VelaShape or Velasmooth is an FDA approved device that will help you beautify and shape your figure without affecting your health. It can show you effective results in almost 4 treatments. These treatments use light and bi-polar radiofrequency to try to smooth out and firm up the look of rippled & dimpled tissue caused by cellulite. Though the treatment may prove to be a little uncomfortable in the beginning you will get used to it after a few weeks. Velasmooth was an earlier procedure whereas VelaShape is the new edition to the Syneron’s Vela platform.

There are various reviews about this famous beauty product and treatment. Women who brought VelaShape or Velasmooth sessions started noticing results after a week of their first treatment. The reviews that were received said that the treatment was less painful and was very beneficial. Sometimes one may experience the use of high temperature laser but eventually will realize that it gave them extraordinary results. Women who used VelaShape or Velasmooth could see the muscle tone under their thighs and could feel smooth skin. Women have measured their bodies after using the product and have seen drastic results. The treatments involve less pain and soreness. Though it costs as much as liposuction does it gives out better results and so one may go for it.

Velasmooth and Velashape

Velasmooth and Velashape – The Results

The product reviews tell us that the number of treatments required for the procedure depend on the structure and the body. Some may get desired results in 3 sessions and some may need as many as 9 treatments. It also works well for women who were left with cellulites after their pregnancy. A lady who is also a mother of two children said, “My tummy is tighter and thighs are much smoother after the treatment.” Like most others she was also affected by cellulites after the pregnancies. Both VelaShape and velasmooth are effective in skin tightening and burning cellulites at a faster rate. VelaShape is good for people who want to tighten the skin tone and have already lost considerable amount of weight by diet or liposuction. Velasmooth can be effective for those who want to treat the dimples or lumps that are caused because of excessive formation of cellulites. Choose the one that best suits you and see the finest results. As far as we know, VelaShape would be the best product according to our reviews.

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